Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GLAZE-BASE (i) Leaving the glaze-base

ca: ESMALT-BASE (i) Emmagatzemar l'esmalt base

es: ESMALTE-BASE (i) Almacenar el Esmalte base

The following instructions apply to glaze-base that is prepared and that you are going to leave to sit. First, stir the glaze-base well so there is no thick layer on the sides or bottom of the container. Then, with one hand, stir the glaze around and around, always going in the same direction, gradually letting the circular movement you are making become smaller and smaller. It is important to do this as just doing it for one minute, will prevent the glaze-base from hardening. It can remain liquid for months without being touched. When not in use, cover the basin to keep the glaze-base as clean as possible.

Note: Tables: The table that holds the containers, with the different glaze-bases, must be very strong as large quantities are heavy, so design it so that the lids form a table top that can be used.
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