Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TABLE - Glaze-Bases

ca: TAULES – Per Esmalt Base

es: MESAS - Para Esmaltes Bases

Tables, basins, shelves for working with glazes.
This table is designed for storing three different glaze-bases and for applying them to all types of ware; tiles, plates, jugs and lids. When making the table, remember it must be low enough to allow space for your arm to move over the basin when throwing the glaze-base onto tiles.

The size of the piece of furniture depends on where it is going to be, how many glazes you want to have permanently prepared and on the size of the products you decorate. The one that is described here has three plastic containers of different sizes, each a different color. The center shelves must be very strong, to take the weight of the containers full of liquid glaze-base, prepared for use. The inside measurements of the big basin are about 60 cm wide and 30 cm deep and the two small ones are 42 cm wide and 30 cm deep. In the small ones I keep crackle and semi-matte glaze-base. The big one holds about 30kg of Siglo 18, all ready to use.

Each of the three containers must have a separate lid to keep the glazes clean. They are made to fit together so they form a large tabletop, which is a useful space to work on. The wooden bar round the outer edge of the table supports each lid on one or two sides. On the undersides of each lid, bars the same height as the ones round the edge of the table, are attached on the front and sides that need support.

On the wall above the table, mount as many removable shelves as possible. There are two different widths, 15cm and 20cm, which are the width of the tiles. These are to leave work that has been prepared with a glaze-base to dry, before starting to clean it. When preparing jars or plates just take out a few shelves, put one on top of the other and you’ll have the space needed for them height wise.

The bottom shelf of the table should be high enough to make cleaning underneath easy with a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner. Boxes can be made with lids and wheels to fit into these spaces and used to store products.
The sections on containers.
a) Bars to support the shelves.b) Movable shelves to support prepared work.
c) Bars to support the lids. d) Containers with different glaze-bases. e) Glaze. f) Strong shelves to hold the containers. g) Shelves. h) Lids to cover each container separately.

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