Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GLAZE-BASE (p) Cleaning the base

ca: ESMALT-BASE (p) Neteja de la base

es: ESMALTE-BASE (p) Limpieza de la base

a) Cleaning up used glaze-base: Keep all the dirty glaze-base that has been cleaned off work, backs of tiles, feet of plates and jars, etc., it can all be used again. Keep the different types of dirty glaze-bases separate, each in their own colored box. When you have a large quantity, add water, pass through the sieve and back into the container which holds the same glaze.

b) Cleaning the liquid glaze-base: However hard you try to keep the liquid glaze-base clean in the container, it will collect dirt and have to be cleaned. When the amount is low, take it out and put it into buckets. Wash and clean out the container, then pass the dirty glaze-base back, through a sieve and prepare and add more.