Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

HANDLES (b) Loops lateral

ca: NANSES (b) Estiratge

es: ASAS (b) Estirado

a) Take an oblong lump of clay, hold it with your left hand pull it down with your right, thinning slightly until there is enough for the handle.
b) Lay it on the edge of the table, separate it, slicing it with your hand.
c) Score and add slurry to the parts that have to be joined.
d) Support the inside of the neck with your left hand to take the pressure of attaching the clay on the outside, push the cut end firmly onto the jug.

e) Turn the jug sideways, support it underneath and with your right hand pull the clay downwards between your thumb and fingers, flattening it slightly.
f) Continue pulling and narrowing it until it is the length and shape you want.
g) Stand the jar up, support it with your left hand and with your right shape the handle and attach it at the bottom with a few strong strokes.
h) The handle finished.
The following photos show some of the different ways of designing a handle.

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