Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

HANDLES (c) Lug attached

ca: NANSES (c) En forma d’anella

es: ASAS (c) En forma de anilla

Lug handles: are small separate pieces of clay attached to casseroles and bowls with no or very little space between the lug and the wall, never enough for fingers to pass. There are two types and they are made with soft clay and applied to leather dry clay.
1) The lug is shaped separately. (a)
2) The part where it is going to be attached must be luted and dampened with slip.
3) Holding the lug press it firmly over the luted part and with a finger of your right hand press the edge of the top against against the neck of the jug, then pree the underneath edge down and smooth it off. b)
4) Supporting the neck from inside the lug is shaped. (c).
5) The lug finished. (d)

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