Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

LIDS KNOBS (e) Throwing on a cone en pottery.

ca: TIRADORS TAPAS (e) Tornejades amb un con en ceràmica.

es: TIRADORES TAPAS (e) Torneadas con un cono en cerámica.

LID KNOB Knob implies a small, round solid, protruding shape. It is attached to an object to hold when picking it up with your fingers. In pottery they are made in two ways, separately then attached or part of the clay when left after being turned.

a) Make a small cone and with the clay at the top and the wheel turning, form a knob.
b) When finished they have to be separated and to do this push a long strong needle in to the neck and slowly turn the wheel until the needle has gone right round.
c) Then carefully pick up the knob, move it to one side on to dry.

Note: The parts that are going to be attached should be turned at the same time, such as lids and knobs. Have a large tile to use as a tray, big enough to hold and move all the knobs that have been prepared. They are left until they become leather hard and the two parts that have to be joined are dry enough to be attached.

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