Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

LIDS KNOBS (f) Attached in pottery.

ca: TAPES TIRADORS (f) Afegides a les tapes ceràmiques.

es: TAPAS TIRADORES (f) Añadidas a los potes de cerámica.

The following section explains different ways of attaching knobs to lids. First the lid has been prepared, as explained in the previous section, turned on the wheel, separated it with a wire cutter, turned the right way up and then the surface cleaned and smoothed.

KONB ATTACHED – Attaching the knob

a) Make a ball of clay to the size needed for the knob you are making.
b) Dampen the part where the lid is going to be attached.
c) Attach the ball of clay firmly on to its place.

Note: The knob after being attached firmly to the lid can be left round or shaped.

KNOB ATTACHED – Forming the knob on the wheel.

d) With the wheel turning, form the basic shape using your fingers.
e) With the first finger of the right hand push the outer edge down and support underneath with the fingers of the lefthand.
f) The lid with the knob finished.

Note: A knob which is not round cannot be shaped turning the wheel, it has to be formed by hand. It can be shaped then attached or the opposite, attached and then shaped.

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