Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

STACK - Throwing in pottery.

ca: TORNEJAR - Cap de pastó en ceràmica.

es: TORNEAR - A la pella en cerámica.

The illustrations; on the left you can see how to separate the bowl from the cone, in the center a lid is being made using a cone and on the right is a metal scraper.

Stack throwing; is the way small pieces are turned on a wheel, pieces such as lids, egg cups and small bowls.

a) The clay is centered and shaped into a tall cone.
b) Turning the cone, the clay is pressed in leaving enough clay at the top to form the piece that is going to be made.
c) The basic shape of what you are working on is created, here it is a bowl.

d) The bowl is being shaped.
e) To separate the bowl from the cone; use a metal scraper. Put it on top of the cone, pushed into the center, so it takes up 45% of the neck. Hold it and turn the wheel right round, it cuts and separates the bowl from the cone.
f) Lift up the scraper using it as a tray and move it on to a wheel bat and leave it to dry. When it is leather hard, it can be turned and the footing finished.

Note: A normal cutting wire should not be used as the two parts being separated are soft clay, which could make the cutting incorrect.

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