Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

PLATE - Throwing in pottery.

ca: PLAT - Tornejat en ceràmica.

es: PLATO - Torneado en cerámica.

Plate throwing: Everything to do with the first stages of working on the wheel with clay can be found in six files: Clay is the first and they are all linked. Throwing each piece is filed under its own name; Bowl – Throwing / Teapot

Because a plate is low and there is little space between it and the wheel, when the turning is finished, it becomes difficult to move without deforming it. So work on a wheel bat , this is like a tray, which allows you to move and leave it until it is leather dry. Then it can be turned over, put back on the wheel and the footing can be formed, all imperfections on the back should be removed and smoothed off and if it is going to be hung up as a decoration, holes to hang it must be made in the footing.

Note: These are links to all the sections on throwing in alphabetical order.
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