Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi


ca: DISCS -Torn

es: DISCOS - Torno

Wheel bat: is a disk added as an accessory to the wheel to make the wheel-head bigger and also to use as a tray, so that what is being made can be lifted and moved without being touched, in this way clay that is still pliable will not be deformed. Plates and bowls are put on top of a bat and turned, when finished they are moved and left together until the clay is dry enough to lift up without being deformed. As the clay shrinks it separates from the bat, if not, separate it with a wire cutter.

There are many types, either industrially made or you can make them yourself. For turning, round ones are needed but when using the hand wheel to construct other objects it can be any shape and size. They can be made in clay, plaster, wood, plastic or bisque and some are made with a wall round the bottom edge to fit exactly on top of a wheel to hold it in place. Most of the industrially made ones are drilled with holes for the bat pins which are to hold one on top of the other, correctly placed.

Attaching a bat without holes onto the wheel. Put a thin layer of clay onto the wheel head and onto one side of the bat and press them together. This will hold the bat in place while turning.

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