Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

THROWING - With different tools - Tube

ca: TORNEJAR - Eines Alternatives - Mànega.

es: TORNO – Herramientas alternativas - manguera.

Throwing a plate using a tube.

A normal hose, one you use for irrigation, can be used as a tool for throwing plates, bowls, etc., to make any shape that is concaved and opens outwards. The clay is turned in the same way as a cylinder but a little bit thicker and then is formed using a tube, this method is shown in the following photos.

Although it seems simple but some experience is needed to learn how to operating the tool so the clay is not deformed. The size and diameter of the hose must be proportional to what is being turned. The larger the piece the thicker and longer the hose must be.

This way of turning is demonstrated in this video by Thierry Fouquet, to see Throwing with a Tube

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