Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

LINE - Drawing

ca: LÍNIES – Dibuix

es: LINEAS - Dibujo

Lines on tiles.
Lines can be continuous, straight and of different widths and colors. Lines are usually the same distance from and parallel to the edge of the tile and can go round one tile or many so that when put together, the line is all the way round. The lines at the corner connect and form an angle of 90º. You can start with any line, put in as many as you want, of any width, of any color, and with or without areas of the glaze-base between them.
When a line is put round a circular object like a plate it is called banding.
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Marking the border lines by hand
A border line circumscribes the outside edge of a tile or a picture of many tiles. Mark the lines on with a pencil as a guide for painting. Use a very soft lead pencil, a 3B is good; this marks without damaging the glaze-base. Sharpen it and then rub one side of the lead on paper, so it flattens. Hold this part against the tile, at the distance you want the line to be drawn; with your thumb and first finger holding the pencil, use your second finger against the edge of the tile to control the distance: move your hand along the edge of the tile drawing the line. For a single tile design, rotate the tile and do all four sides. Put the tile on the stand and paint the lines, following the pencil lines. This can be used for designs of all sizes, just marking the side of the tile, which is on the outer edge of the design.

Painting horizontal and vertical lines

Painting horizontal lines. Put the tiles that are going to be decorated on a stand and use the pole to steady the movements of your hand. Hold the pole with your left hand, resting it against the small shelf that supports the tiles. With your right hand hold the brush with your thumb and first finger and with the little finger hold the pole. With your left hand move the pole smoothly to the left or right, balancing it against the small shelf so your hand holding the brush is being moved and draws the line.

Painting vertical lines
Hold the pole in the same way as previously described. Then move your right hand up and down the bar to paint a vertical line. If you find vertical lines are more difficult, just turn the tiles round and paint horizontally. They can be painted directly or by following lines that have first been marked with a pencil.