Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MARKING - Bag for charcoal

ca: MARCAT - Amb borsa de Carbó

es: MARCADO – Con bolsa de Carbón

Marking bag, A marking bag has to be made it is to hold a fine powder, either black charcoal to mark on to a light color or white industrial talcum powder for a dark color. To make a bag, cut out a small, square piece of material, lay it out and put the finely ground powder in the center, pull the corners up and join them with a rubber band. You should use a material that is strong enough not to break too quickly and has a weave that lets the powder pass through so the lines come out clean and strong enough to see.

Working method:
The design has been drawn, copied on to transparent paper and the outlines have been pounced. Lay it over what is going to be decorated, putting the rough side upwards, then rub it with the bag. The powder comes out, goes through the pounced holes and marks the design onto the piece to be decorated. Carefully, with a soft brush, clean or blow off any powder that is surplus. If marking onto biscuit or a dark surface, you should use white industrial talcum powder in the same way as white shows up better.