Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Pouncing is to prick holes Pouncing is to prick holes through the outlines of a design so it can be marked on to another object. Lay a thin piece of cloth over a hard surface. The cloth should be just thick enough to let the point of the pin go through the paper. Flip over the tracing paper with the design marked on so the back is facing up and lay it on top of the cloth. Pounce holes through the outlines with a pin pencil.

Remember, the smaller the holes and the closer together they are, the better the drawing will be marked on. The marking comes out more clearly when the paper is flipped over for pouncing, because the rough side is not against the tile.

Using tracing paper is better because you can see that it is placed correctly. If the design is going to be used a lot, it should be printed or drawn with a marking pen, to make it permanent, as it has to be cleaned. The pounced drawing is laid onto a prepared product and the pounced lines are rubbed with a marking bag full of charcoal powder. When finished, the tracing paper should be cleaned and the best way is to lay it on a flat surface and with a large soft rubber, rub off the charcoal powder on both sides.

Drawing on paper, If using a design drawn on normal paper put it on a piece of cloth and pounce the lines of the drawing directly through the paper. Once finished turn it over and rub the back, this helps to get rid of the rough texture which could scratch the base when you mark on the design. If the paper is hard and difficult to pounce, you can soften it with a dry bar of soap. If it does not matter which way round the design is used, mark it so the rough side is not against the product.

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