Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Pin-pencil is used to make holes into the drawing you want to mark onto ceramic ware. The method of marking these holes is known as pouncing. The thinner the pin, the smaller and closer the holes are, the better your design will be marked on. You can either use a mechanical lead pencil or make your own.

Mechanical pin-pencil;
With pliers, cut the head off the pin, put the blunt end into the mechanical pencil in the same way as you would put in the lead. This is practical as the pin, just like the lead, can be rolled down when not being used and is safe.

Wooden pin-pencil;
1) Using a pencil or rod of wood, force a pin into one end with pliers and then use the pliers to cut off its head.
2) Take the pin out, turn it round and stick the blunt end into the hole you have made, forcing it in as much as possible, so it is firm. When not being used, for safety, stick it into a rubber.
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