Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MAJOLICA: 5c - The stages of painting tiles

ca: MAJÒLICA: 5c - Les etapes de la pintura de rajoles

es: MAYÓLICA: 5c – Las etapas de la pintura de azulejos

The followimg explains the stages of using colors.
With a large picture it is better to start by painting the top lines of tiles, so if the colors fall on the ones underneath the cleaning is becomes easier as there are only outlines. The last colors to be painted are the skin and the ground because they are very clear and watered down colors.

To learn how these colors are prepared go to: Majolica: Colors (a) / Majolica: Colors (c) How to use / Majolica: Colors (e) Using.

White on the left is the lightest color, it extenuates the form. Two colors overlapping form another color which can vary, depending on the strength.

SHIRTS, SALT, TROUSERS, TROUSER TURN-UPS, BOTTLE –Watered-down blue cobalt painted leaving the white base on the left, then shaded with the same color but stronger.
PORRONS – Watered-down blue cobalt painted and also shaded with it. The wine is purple of different intensities shaded with the blue.
WHEELS OF THE CART- The outside painted with watered-down blue cobalt and the inside with watered-down strong brown.
TROUSERS, CAT’S PLATEBlue cobalt watered down to cover the whole part and then shaded with the same color, but stronger.
WOOD OF THE GRAPE CARRIER AND TROUSERS OF 3 MENDirty brown shaded with dark brown.
GROUND – Watered down brown dirty shaded with brown red
HATS, BELTS, ROOFS, TOMATOES – Covered with red and shaded with brown-red.
TWO SHIRTS AND THE BOY’S JERSEYYellow watered down, shaded with light green.
OIL BOTTLE AND PORRON – Leaving patches of white base, it is painted with watered-down strong green and shaded with the same color, but stronger.
TREE TRUNKS, GRAPE CARRIER, HORSE’S BRIDLE, CANE, GROUND RIGHT HAND CORNER, BREAD CRUST, STOOLS, CORKSOchre strong to cover the whole part and shaded with brown-red. HOUSESOchre and dirty green watered down, to give shading and textures to the house walls. SKIN – Watered down ochre.
SHIRT (3rd tile left) – Leaving patches of white base on the left, it is painted with watered down purple, shaded with strong purple and a little strong brown.
GRAPES – Paint a stroke of watered-down blue on the right of each grape, leaving a small line of white on the right and a large patch on the left. With yellow cover the patch on the edge of the blue and leaving white on the left, with purple cover the right leaving a little yellow and white.
SKY – Watered-down turquoise of different intensities, leaving the white base as a contrast.
DRESS, HORSE – Watered down turquoise shaded with watered-down strong brown.
TREES – Covered with yellow, shaded with light green and then dark green.
SHIRTS, BASKETSYellow is painted leaving the white base on the left. It is then shaded with ochre and brown-red.
SHIRTS, SKIRT, HORSE REINS, BREAD CRUST – Covered with yellow and shaded with ochre and brown-red.
SHIRTS AT THE BOTTOM LEFTYellow is painted leaving the white base on the left, it is then shaded with red and brown-red.
CART BASKET, WOODEN BOX, WHITE OF BREAD, HAT – Covered with watered – down yellow and shaded with watered – down strong brown.

OUTLINES: a) Outlines,
THE TWO TOP LINES: b) First colors, c) Second colors. d) Third colors,
THE THREE BOTTOM LINES: e) First colors, f) Second colors, g) Third colors. h) Picture finished
PICTURE FIRED: i) Picture fired, j) Picture fired and framed

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