Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MAJOLICA: 4c - Stenciling.

ca: MAJÒLICA: 4c – Estergit

es: MAYÓLICA: 4c - Estarcido

Stenciled tiles made for the restoration of a corridor.
a) The corridor was about 100 meters long. The original tiles were produced in the early 1900´s using the Majolica method. The tiles were prepared with an opaque base on to which the different stencils were laid, colored and painted. The design consists of 4 different tile designs; each one measures 20 × 20 cm.

Stenciled tiles made for a kitchen.
b) A stencil in blue, copied from an old tile design to use in a modern kitchen, the tiles are 20 × 20 cm.

Stenciling has five sections that are all linked, this is the first: Stencil: (1) With one color

The next section; Majolica: 4d – Repetitive designs