Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi


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A stencil is a template cut out of paper that has to be waterproof, it can be waxed or on a sheet of plastic. The outlines of the drawings and colors are printed and then cut out. This procedure is used to paint many tiles with the same pattern.

The template is placed onto a tile that has been prepared with an opaque white glaze-base; the colors are watered down and applied using a large flat brush, sponge, etc. The colors pass through the sections that have been cut out, marking them onto the tile.

Each tile has the number of templates it needs to reproduce the design and colors, which can be intricate and various. This method makes it easy to repeat a design, tiles can have any amount of templates and each one must have the outlines of the tile drawn on it so the spaces that have been cut out can be placed correctly; each one has to be painted separately but one color can be put on top of another. The watered down colors are applied with large flat brushes, if a brush is too thick, reduce the size by cutting it in half, as shown in the first illustration. When painted, the brush with the color is pulled over the space leaving a flat color that has slightly different intensities due to the hairs of the brush which allows the movement of the brush and which allows the movement of the brush to be seen. This method is known as stenciling

The design can be cut out in the following two ways; both are painted onto a tile prepared with an opaque white glaze-base.
a) Plastic paper with two spaces cut out, on top of a prepared tile. b) The tile being painted. c) The tile painted. d) The plastic taken off to show the painted parts against the white background.
e) Plastic paper cut out to form a shape, on top of the tile that is going to be painted. f) Holding the two parts in place the rest of the tile is painted. g) The spaces painted. h) The plastic taken off leaving the two shapes showing the white of the base.

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