Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

STENCIL: (2) Filing

ca: PLANTILLA: (2) Arxiu

es: PLANTILLA: (2) Archivo

Stencil filing is important, because you get such a large quantity that they become very difficult to recognize. Keep a photo of the finished design, give it a name, then mark the stencils for the design with name and number as shown in Stenciling – with many colors. In this design there are four tile designs, A1 has 7 stencils, B1 has 4, C1 has 2 and D1 has 3, so in all there are 16 stencils. They must be kept flat; the best way is between the pages of old magazines, putting a stencil between each page and a photo of the finished design at the front. Then put them together in a plastic file, so the photo can be seen and keep all the different files flat in a box.

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