Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MAJOLICA: Colors (f) Painting with one color.

ca: MAJÒLICA: Colors (f) Decorar amb un color.

es: MAYÓLICA: Colores (f) Pintados con un color

Painting with one color. Blue is the most popular choice for painting different shades of just one color even though any color can be used. The following photos show two different colors—blue and brown.

When painting with one color, prepare four jars, three of the same color but of different intensities, made by adding more water, and one prepared with a little more dark brown or black to use for extreme, dark shades. The correct way of working is to paint the outline with the very dark shade of the color being used but in both examples shown, I have done the outlines with the brown we normally use. I find that the strength of this color accentuates the drawing and seems to reflect the main color, so much so, that clients do not realize it is not blue or red-brown.

When the outlines are finished, use the lightest shade of the color being used, in the same way you would use a light color and leave a little of the white glaze-base showing on the left. Over this, on the center and right, using a color of a medium intensity, paint the shadows and give form and shape. Shade with the third blue, then over this, on the extreme right, use a little of the strongest color especially prepared, as this will help accentuate the dimensions. When one stroke of color overlaps another, it will form yet another shade. In this way overlapping, strength of color, strength and movement of the brush strokes and the different shades of the paint make the different intensities of just one color completely variable.

Remember. Blue is a dangerous color because it is very strong. When applying the light blue, add a lot of water to it. You must also be careful not to accidentally put paint in a place that is not in the design. The color is so light, you might not see it until after it is fired and this will spoil your work.
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