Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MOLD: 6 For work in relief

ca: MOTLLE: 6 Per treballar en relleu

es: MOLDE: 6 Para trabajar en relieve

Molds for working in relief are made with a flat back that can be attached to walls and thus be used for architectural decorating. It can be in one or more pieces and on the same or different levels.

Make the design as simple as possible. The photos are of numbers made for the outside walls of a housing estate. The back consists of 6 pieces that will be attached to the wall, and then the numbers are glued on to it. It is designed so that the back can be increased and decreased in size to hold any amount of numbers. In all there are 16 molds, 6 for the back and one for each number, 0 to 9.

There are nine illustrations and (f) to (i) are photos of work by Nuria Pié

To use the mold, make the clay into an oval piece roughly the length and width of what is being made. Put it into the mold and push down and into the corners, gradually filling it all up. Keep pressing the clay down so as not to leave air holes. When full, smooth and press it down using a rolling pin, then scrape away any surplus clay by resting a thin metal bar from wall to wall and pulling it across.

To take it out, first take a small ball of clay and go round the edges where the plaster and clay join, touching the joints and pulling upwards. This helps to loosen the clay from the plaster. Then lay a piece of wood over the mold, turn it and tap it until it comes out. Read more about: Numbers