Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

SCREEN PRINTING - In pottery (7) Working big screens for tiles

ca: SERIGRAFIA - En ceràmica (7) Pantalles grans.

es: SERIGRAFÍA - En cerámica (7) Pantallas grandes.

Screens can be any size height wise or lengthwise but you must take into account the distance you can stretch your arm to work comfortably and the size of the table you are working on, as to keep the paint running smoothly, the bigger the distance the more difficult it is. When using the screens place them horizontally, so when printing and moving the squeegee downwards, this is the shortest distance. The biggest screens we use are for 6 tiles (2×3) and 8 (2×4).

The design above has been shown right through the Majolica method. There are 30 tiles, 6 lengthwise and 5 height wise and it is separated into five sections of six tiles, so there are the five screens for this design. When printing they are used horizontally. The screen shown was incorrectly mounted. Look at it and you can see the larger spaces are at the top and bottom; these should have been on the long sides as we work with the screen horizontally, not vertically.

When you take the design to be mounted as well as “F” for front in the top right hand corner write “T” for top. Then the firm that mounts them knows which way it has to be printed and on which sides the extra space should be left.

Read more about: Majolica: 5c – The stages of painting tiles. It explains the whole process of using the colors with this picture.

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