Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Spur: is a piece of kiln furniture made to support plates and other pieces, so they do not touch the floor while being glaze-fired. Spurs are made in clay with very fine points and bisque-fired. The fine point is necessary because they have to touch a part that is decorated during firing which may adhere to it. When taken out of the kiln the spur has to be twisted very sharply to separate it from the main piece, as the point is so fine. This is easy but it always leaves a small mark in the glaze.

This photo shows two spurs, the one on the right is industrially made and used as a model for making a mold. The one on the left was casted from the mold. They are in front of a pen-drive that is 1,5 cm wide and 5,5 cm long. This is to show how small they are and how much the one on the left has shrunk after being fired.

Spurs are very easy to make using a mold; how to make one is explained in the section: Read more about: Mold: 2 Spurs / Kiln – Furniture