Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILE (4) Cutting corners.

ca: RAJOLA (4) Retallar cantonades.

es: AZULEJO (4) Recorte esquinas.

Tile, cutting corners off. First, draw the outlines of the straight lines that have to be cut off to make the square smaller, to the size required. Move the wall of the cutter, so the tile can be flat and it can be turned round; remember always to cut with the good side upwards. Two sides are used and two sides and four corners have to be cut off.

Make two or three cuts into the two straight edges that have to be removed and then cut off these sections. Make sure the underneath part of the disk does not pass the marked line. Cut off all the corners, cut half way through it and then turn it and cut the other half. Doing this lessens the pressure of the disk and makes breaking it less likely. When all the parts have been cut off, file down the rough edges and the top corners. To do this lay it flat and hold it against the disk and as it turns move it from left to right, then tilt it forwards and file the edge.

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