Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILE (5) Cutting curves out.

ca: RAJOLA (5) Retall de les corbes.

es: AZULEJO (5) Recortar curvas.

Cutting out curves. To cut this tile, as the design is smaller than the tile, two sides have to be cut off and then the required shape is cut out. In the past this shape was commonly used is Spain. As large amounts were needed they were made with a mold, now as only one has got to be made, it is quicker to cut down a tile to the correct shape.

The way to work
1) Draw the outline of the shape to be cut; here, one that has already been made is copied.
2) Place it so that two sides are at the edge of the tile, the others have to be cut off. Draw the outline of the shape needed and the lines on the two sides that have got to be cut off.
3) First cut off the two sides then the four corners as explained in “Tile – Cutting corners”.
4) To cut out the curves, hold the tile at about 45º to the disk, and cut small sections into it.
5) Lay it flat and cut off half of the small sections.
6) Turn it round and cut off the others.
7) File down and smooth the uneven edges.
8) Gently round off the corners at the front.
9) Do the same at the back and make sure it is not wider than the front part.
10) If there are parts that cannot be reached with the electric drill, use a hand file for the last ones to be finished. The last photo (k) shows the tile finished and (l) the tile decorated.

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