Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TEAPOT: (c) Neck, forming the gallery.

ca: TETERA: (c) Coll, formació d'una pestanya

es: TETERA: (c) Cuello formación de una pestaña

Method of working: Start as explained in the previous section, leaving the neck bigger so a gallery to support the lid can be formed. In the photo the tool used is half a clothes peg. Hold the tool vertically with one hand and support it with the other inside the neck and press it slightly as you smoothly turn the wheel, pushing it down and in the middle to create a gallery. The last photo show the neck finished with the gallery.

The sections on teapot have been lent to the dictionary by Ramon Fort from his book El torno, giro a giro.
It can be bought through his web. Link to Author – Ramón Fort

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