Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TEAPOT: (d) Spout.

ca: TETERA: (d) Broc

es: TETERA: (d) Pitorro

Spout is a conical tube connected to some recipients that hold liquids controlling their flow when being poured out, such as tea or coffee pots. It must be the same height or higher than the main body, so when full, the liquid does not come out of the spout. The part of the pot that is covered by the spout can have one or several holes, forming a strainer, to stop the tea leaves coming out or simply to pour out the liquid

Method of working: A spout is turned on a wheel like a small jar with a narrow neck, and a section is cut off at 45º so when joined to the teapot it forms an angle. Bend the edge outwards, squeezing and flattening it. Hold it against the teapot to check that it fits with the curve and has the right angle and height, then with a saw blade indent a line into the teapot round the outer edge of the spout, so you know where it has to be placed. Score round the inside of the line, where the spout will be attached and make holes to form the strainer by pushing a strong round tool through it; a drill bit is good. Then finish by smoothing the rough parts with a damp sponge.

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