Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TEAPOT: (e) Handles pulling.

ca: TETERA: (e) Nansa estirada

es: TETERA: (e) Asa estirada

Pulling a handle. Make the clay into a cone shape, hold it with one hand and pull it down with the other that is wet. The movement must be smooth and continuous to avoid it breaking. As you lengthen it, start giving it a shape, round, rectangular or triangular.

This is done by holding and forcing it between your thumb and fingers in different ways. When you have the length needed separate by cutting it with a cord at 45% or the angle you require. It can be cut upwards or downwards, photos f) and g) Leave it to dry a little before attaching it to the teapot.

The sections on teapot have been lent to the dictionary by Ramon Fort from his book El torno, giro a giro.
It can be bought through his web. Link to Author – Ramón Fort

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