Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TEAPOT: (g) Handles turned on the wheel.

ca: TETERA: (g) Nanses fetes a torn

es: TETERAS: (g) Asas hecha a torno.

Turning handles on the wheel, first form a big cylinder, making the circumference bigger than the length you will need for the handle. Decide on the width you require and mark the height. When it is formed cut it with a saw blade to separate it from the cylinder.
Lay it onto a straight bar of wood, with a sponge remove the excess water and smooth it, then leave it to dry a little before attaching it to the teapot.

The sections on teapot have been lent to the dictionary by Ramon Fort from his book El torno, giro a giro.
It can be bought through his web. Link to Author – Ramón Fort

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