Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Template is a cut out profile in a strong material like plastic, thin wood or metal.
They can be manipulated by hand or using a jigger and jolly.

By Hand: they are for forming and checking shapes in clay. Using a template (also known as a card – shapes for clay.) The example “a” is to form the outside profile of a bowl and “b for borders and skirting tiles.
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By jolly or jigger: They are instruments made to hold a template in relation to the clay being turned on the wheel. They must be very stable and for this reason are usually attached to a wall. A mold is put on to a wheel and centered, the clay laid over it or into it. The template is held in a jigger or jolly, placed against the clay then the wheel is slowly turned and the template scrapes and removes the unnecessary clay until it forms the shape of the template.
a) Handle, b) Template, c) Clay, d) Mold. Read more about: Jiggering and jollying