Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILE - Decorating

ca: RAJOLA - Decorar

es: AZULEJO - Decorar

Tiles for decorating
1) Are usually made in red terracotta clay, bisque fired and can be bought industrially made, handmade or semi handmade. There are many sizes, the two main ones are 15 × 15 cm and 20 × 20 cm and each one has a choice of heights.
2) The industrially made one are between 6mm and 1cm in height. These can be cut down to make specially required sizes, such as borders and corners; they are well finished and curve slightly round the edges.
3) Handmade and semi handmade are thicker, 1 cm and more and never exactly the same size. There is a smaller selection of sizes and they are more difficult to cut down.
4) For potters, tiles can be bought prepared for decorating in three different ways, bisque, dry clay and clay with a layer of slip.
The first four tiles are industrially made and the size 20 × 7,5 cm is cut down to make borders 15 × 7,5 and corners 7,5 × 7,5 cm. The following photos show a few of the hundreds of shapes and sizes there are and the different basic color each one has.
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