Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Vacuum cleaner is an electrical appliance for cleaning carpets and floors by suction. All potters should have one as they save work and are cleaner and much better for health than brooms, which spread dust, or a mop which leaves the floor damp for hours. Buy one that can be used to clean everything, furniture, floors, walls and shelves, etc. Choose the type where the motor and the accessories are separated and connected by a long tube, which makes it easier to get into small and difficult places.

Note: Normally an electric tile cutter throws water and ceramic dust over everything. To avoid this, the motor of the vacuum cleaner can be attached to it. You have to add and alter certain parts, so it does not need water and collects all the powder thrown off during the cutting. When we invented this about eight years ago this type of machine did not exist, it does now! Read more about: Tile – Cutter electric