Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CASTING - A fish (2) in pottery.

ca: BUIDAT - El peix (2) en ceràmica.

es: VACIADO - El pez (2) en cerámica.

Casting the fish shows the second stage of making a cast in one piece. Mount a support to hold the plaster on top of a piece of wood, here is made with metal but it can be made of wood. The space and height between the support and what is being cast must be high and wide enough, so it does not break when being used. Put clay right round the bottom corner of the wall so it is held firmly in place and the plaster does not run out

Mix the plaster of Paris with water until it has the right thickness and is completely smooth. Tip a layer gently over the clay, run a large soft brush through the plaster and over the clay to make sure it enters all the small spaces. Add more plaster until it is level with the walls, flatten, smooth it and then leave it to dry.

To help separate the clay from the cast, use a small piece of clay and go round the part where they join, touching and pulling the clay outwards. Bang round the floor of the walls with the hammer, lay it all down then lift up the cast which should separate easily from the clay. Smooth off any rough edges of the cast, run it under tap water and with a brush clean off any clay that is left.

Photos taken in the workshop of Sot: www.ceramicasot.com

This subject has three sections Molding – A fish (1) in pottery and Decorating – A fish (3) in pottery