Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

DIPPING - A method of applying glazes.

ca: IMMERSIÓ - Mètode d’aplicació d’esmalt.

es: INMERSIÓN - Método de aplicación de esmalte.

Dipping is applying a glaze-base, color or slip onto a piece of pottery by immersing it into a liquid.

Inside: fill up a jug with the liquid, pour it inside what you are decorating, filling it to the top, then tip out the unwanted glaze.

Outside: put your fingers inside the neck of the jar to hold it, dip it into the glaze, so it is immersed up to the top of the outside wall. Lift it out and allow the surplus glaze to run off. Put it to one side and leave it to dry, then clean the foot-ring and sign it and repair any part that is dirty or damaged.

Dipping is the most common way of applying glaze and slips to plates, jars and lids, it is good for small pieces as shown in the two photos that are from the section: Read more about: Molding – Press molding – Stage (3)

There is another method of dipping which is much better, the difference is that you hold the pieces horizontally but not vertically and dip them completely into the glaze-base. With tiles you apply it by pouring, to learn about these methods: Read more about Glaze-Base applying by dipping plates, jar and lids / Glaze-Bases applying by pouring on to tiles