Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

DOD BOX - Extruder.

ca: DOD CAIXA - Extrusionadora.

es: DOD CAJA - Extrusionadora.

Dod box is a hand-operated tube made with metal or plastic used to make strips of clay. It has discs with cut-out designs, known as dies. The die is put at the bottom of the tube and the clay on top, the handle is pushed down the tube and the clay passes through the die, coming out at the bottom to form a dod, a coil in the shape of the die; these are usually made to form handles on jugs and jars.

Note Dod box, Wad mill or Extruder are different names for the same object and Extruder is the one most commonly used where you will find more information with illustrations.
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