Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

EXTRUDER (2) Manual to form coils for handle and applied decorating.

ca: EXTRUSORA (2) Màquina per formar xurros per a nanses o decoració aplicada.

es: EXTRUSORA (2) Máquina para formar churros para asas o decoración aplicada..

Extruder is a tool that passes clay through a tube to form coils, which are used for handles on jugs, cups, teapots and for applied decorating. There are different types that can be hand-held or attached to a wall or table. They use dies which are metal disks with spaces cut out to extrude different shaped coils. The clay that is used must be clean and well kneaded.

The following explains each illustration.
1) Shows how the tube pushes the clay down through the die.
2) Gives the names and show each section of an extruder.
3) Syringe extruder. The die is attached to the bottom, the tube is filled up with clay, then the handle is pushed down and this expels the coil through the die.
4) Table extruder. It is attached firmly to a table or shelf, which it overlaps leaving enough space for the coil to be expelled. The handle is attached to a long screw which has a disk at the end. The tube is filled up with clay, the handle is turned, this pushes the disk down through the tube onto the clay which goes down and out through the die to form a coil.
5) Clay Gun Extruder: the pressure of closing the trigger pushes and turns the screw which moves the plunger down through the tube, making the clay come out through the die.

The clay must not be left to harden in the tube, start the process of cleaning as soon as you have finished what you were doing. Periodically oil the screw with drops of mineral oil.

Note: They are known under different names, in the dictionary these names are placed correctly with a short explanation and then linked to this article. Dod Box and Wad Mill are different names used for the same product. Photos lent by. Ceramic Material

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