Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

EXTRUDER (4) Keeping the clay damp.

ca: EXTRUSORA (4) Conservació de l'argila humida.

es: EXTRUSORA (4) Conservación de la arcilla húmeda.

How to keep the extruder in a good working condition when not being used.
When you finish working there is always clay left in the machine so it must be packed and kept so it is always pliable, never let it dry and become hard.

a) This shows the extruder prepared for storage. The mouth where the coil comes out has a plastic lid, put a piece of damp material between it and the clay and cover the outside with plastic and tie tightly in the same way as the neck.
b) Put a plastic bag inside the neck, push it down as far as possible, flatten it round the inside walls and bend the top over the edge of the neck on to the outside, the less air the better. Then put a damp rag in another plastic bag, close it and leave it inside. Cut a plastic bag into a long piece and tie it round the plastic on the outside wall of the neck and shut it. This will keep the clay from drying, remember to occasionally dampen the rag.

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