Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

EXTRUDER (1) Machine to press and form coils of clay.

ca: EXTRUSORA (1) Màquina que empeny o comprimeix l'argila.

es: EXTRUSORA (1) Máquina que empuja o comprime la arcilla.

Extruder: there are two types of extruders, which work with electricity or by hand and each has many variations.
Hand controlled extruder passes clay, clean and well kneaded, through a tube to form coils, which are used to make handles, applied decorating and coiling.
Electric controlled extruder is a machine for compressing and recuperating clay so that it can be used again, this also improves its strength and workability. It breaks down the clay and shapes it into a solid tube, known as a coil. There are many different sizes and types, for big industrial business and for small studios and schools.

Note: Electric extruders are also known as a Plug Mill.

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