Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GAUGE POST - Pottery to check sieze and shape.



Gauge post is used for two purposes; to gauge lines round pots as decoration and to check that the different widths of a pot are correct all the way round. It is a pole which supports one or more arms and with a floor at the bottom that can be attached to a table.

The arms and the pole are long and flat with a space in the middle and they are joined by a screw which allows the arms to be moved backwards and forwards, up and down and be put at different angles The ware is centered on the wheel and the base of the gauge is screwed to the table, the arms are set to the height and width needed, then turning the pot slowly, you can check that the shape is the same size
all the way round.

Photo lent by Scarva, for mor informatoion go to the link section

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