Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

PACKING (a) Kilns

ca: CARREGAR (a) Forns

es: CARGAR (a) Hornos

Packing kilns: Firing is one of the big expenses in ceramics and it’s important not to waste space or time. Kilns can be rectangular, round, octagonal, square or oval and they either open from the top or at the front. Large industrial ones are very well designed, they are square or rectangular and the inside is a trolley on wheels that can be packed outside the kiln. This allows you to work on all four sides and mount the floors one by one. When completely packed it is pushed back into the kiln.

All kilns have their good and bad points and you have to consider the shape and size you buy in relation to what you work with. Kilns that open at the top have some advantages; you can see the whole floor from above, which allows you to arrange and change the layout and check that the decorated pieces do not touch.

Kiln furniture is very important, there are many different pieces. You need enough to build and fill up your kilns well and quickly. The furniture you buy can be customized to special sizes. With an electric drill, as explained in the section tile – cutter electric, you can cut and file furniture and industrially made bisque tiles, they are cheap and can be cut down to make shelves to the sizes you need.

It is good to have your work separated by kiln shelves. This helps to limit the damage that can occur, should a piece explode or colors run. Such an accident can cause the scattering of bits of clay, which can break, to damage the kiln and all the work inside it.

If your kiln uses cones, make sure they are not touching anything.
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