Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

REPEATED TILES – Making a design.

ca: RAJOLES REPETIDES – Marcar un disseny.

es: AZULEJOS REPETIDOS - Hacer un diseño

Repeated designs on tiles. Here is explained creating a design for only one tile, it is the same if there are more than one.

How to copy an antique design or make a new one.

Working with your computer, use a photo or scan the design you want, Keep only the outlines and remove all the colors. Open another file and draw the exact measurement of the outlines of tile, copy the design on to it and fit it in.

Now cut it in half diagonally, remove one half, copy and flip over the one that is left and join them in the middle. It is very important to do this on a large scale so you can see all the lines connect exactly. Now copy it and move the copy round, checking that the lines of the design connect correctly.

When finished print it onto transparent paper, check it for size against a tile and if there is room on the paper wright its name, code, size, and F for face so when you use it you know which way round it has to be. Now you can pounce it and paint it by hand using the Majolica Method, cut and prepare paper for stenciling or have it mounted for screen printing.

When reproducing old tile designs, copy it as much as possible, to make a true likeness to the original, in size, texture and colors. One of the problems is that many old designs have been copied and printed industrially or with screen printing and if printed it is impossible to reproduce them by hand, as when hand painted two tiles are never exactly the same.

The only part of a hand painted design that can be done by screen printing is the outlines all the colors have to done by hand. Reproduction of antique tiles decorated by hand that have been reproduced by screen printing leave the colors flat and exactly the same on every tile and hand painting shows the movement of the brush storks, which give different intensities to a color.

With the method photo-ceramics reproduction of tile designs can be made exactly the same as the original as long as they have no relief texture in the surface.

Note; Screen printing has seven sections that explains using it with the Majolica method to print outlines. This is a link to the first and they are in the order of working. Read more about: Screen printing (0) The ways of working