Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Repeated tiles are designs on tiles made up to form a repeated pattern and the designs can be of one or more tiles put together to form a continued design.
In Spain they have been used through many centuries. The photos below show four different designs we have reproduced for the restoration of old buildings.
a) The first photo is a balcony in Barcelona and to restore it the tiles were made copying as closely as possible the old classical Catalan designs size 13×13cm,the texture of the glaze-base and colors.
b) and c) are the tiles used in the balcony.
d) This is designed to be used as a border 20×20cm to go round the bottom part of a wall, made at the beginning of the last century.
e) A repeated one tile design 15×15cm, 16 tiles are shown to illustrate the two patterns one design can create.
f) A classical design 13×13cm showing an old lamp.

Note: All the tiles shown here are decorated using the Majolica, on-glaze method. When a design has to be repeated many times the outlines are screen printed, then all the colors are hand painted. With designs of one tile that is repeated and placed side by side to form a pattern, it is very important that the lines that go to the edges coincide. So when one tile is laid next to another the lines of the drawing meet.

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