Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MAJOLICA: 5a - Preparing to paint tiles, plates, jars and lids

ca: Majòlica: 5a – Preparació per pintar rajoles, plats, gerros i tapadores.

es: Mayólica: 5a – Preparación para pintar azulejos, platos, jarros y tapaderas.

To see photos of work finished go to: Tiles / Plates / Jars / Lids

This section covers the steps you should follow and the equipment needed to work with tiles, plates, jars and lids, using the Majolica method. The decorating of each one is then explained separately and at the bottom of this section there is a link to the first part of each one; tiles, plates, jars and lids

What you need to work with.
a) Hand pole f) Cloth g) Pot – Water cleaning brushes h) Brushes: Majolica painting i) Pots – Prepared colors j) Bottle – For clean water k) Table-trolly.

For tiles, plates, jars and lids the order of work is the same in each case and the following paragraph summarizes these stages.

The clay has to be bisque fired then each piece has to be sounded, tiles, and plates, jars and lids. Then the tiles, and plates, jar and lids are cleaned. The opaque glaze-base is prepared and tested for thickness. It is then applied to tiles by pouring. When they are dry the unwanted glaze has to be cleaned off the backs and sides of the tiles. If it is a large design each tile must be numbered and coded on the back to know the layout. The plates, jars and lids have the glaze applied by dipping. With them the footings must be cleaned and the signature or trademark is written on the bottom and the designs must be prepared, printed on transparent paper and pounced. When this is done you can start painting.

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