Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BISQUE (5) Cleaning plates, jars and lids.

ca: BESCUIT (5) Neteja de plats, gerros i tapes.

es: BIZCOCHO (5) Limpieza de platos, jarros y tapas.

To clean, plates, jars and lids that are hand or industrially made, dust or brush them. With handmade pieces, sandpaper any rough parts and if the plates have holes so they can be hung up, check that they are big enough and not blocked, this is explained in drilling holes.

Clean them out with a sharp, thin piece of metal or an electric drill. If the holes are too small, start with a very fine drill and then use a larger one. Continue doing this using a bigger drill until the holes are of the required size. Doing it this way makes it less likely to break. The holes should be made before the clay is fired but if there are no holes, start by indenting a small space in the bisque using a nail or a sharp instrument like a diamond cutter; just enough to stop the drill from slipping.

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