Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Architectural Pottery is work attached to buildings for practical and decorative purposes. They can be tiles, pictures, names, numbers, etc. or work in relief. The photos below show different forms and how these can be mixed with each other and used architecturally.

A classical border design used in the decoration of a modern kitchen; a door that at the top shows parts of the town where the business is situated and around the sides, all the plants the firm irrigates; an arch of tiles that separates two rooms; six tiles are used as a picture in the center of a wall; a classic tile picture set in a modern kitchen; biblical scenes made for a church.

Note The tiles in a) to c) are all painted by hand with the Majolica method and g) to i) are industrially made.

Link to Ceramics Bensu for tiles decorated with the Majolica Method

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