Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILE - BORDERS AND CORNERS - To frame tile pictures.

ca: RAJOLA -SANEFES I CANTONADES – Per a emmarcar quadres de rajoles.

es: AZULEJO - CENEFAS y ESQUINAS – Para enmarcar cuadros de azulejos.

Border is the decoration that goes round the edge of an object. With plates, jars and lids the border is always part of the piece but with work in relief and tiles it can be part of it or completely separated. In the following sections on borders, all types are covered.

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Bisque border tiles can be bought but are difficult to find so you have to cut tiles 15×15, 15×20 and 20×20 cm in half for borders and in quarters for corners. They are used in architectural decorating, for framing mirrors and pictures on tiles.

Note: While painting a picture on tiles, a line of borders must be put on the stand between the tiles being painted and the small shelf they stand on, to protect them from products being used which could damage them. If these fall, they collect on top of the bar against the border and do not touch and damage the prepared tiles.

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