Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

SLAB - Slab rolling.

ca: PLAQUES - Laminades

es: PLACAS - Laminadas

Slab rolling: To prepare a slab of clay with a roller you need a piece of wood of the correct length and the width for it to pass under the roller. It is covered with a cloth; the clay is put on top and flattened out with your fist, giving it the shape of a rectangle. It is then covered by another cloth, the roller is set to the height required, the handle is turned and moves the wood with the clay forward and under the roller which flattens it out.

Note: The cloths must be used, if not the clay that is damp will stick to the roller. Slabs can be used for many things boxes, tubes, tiles, press molds, and coils, etc. Photos taken in the studio of Nuria Pié