Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

SLIP - In pottery.

ca: BARBOTINA - En ceràmica.

es: BARBOTINA - En cerámica.

Slip is clay mixed with water to become a thick, smooth liquid that has the consistency required for your work; this varies in relation to what you are using for. It must be very clean and should be sieved, using a mesh. Meshes are made in different sizes, between can be 40 and 200.

SLIP; 3 ways of using it.

a) Slip casting, is slip used to fill up molds to cast in clay a shape required. When the slip is dry enough it is separated from the mold and becomes clay again. It can be decorated in different ways; the clay is covered with slips prepared with colors and textures and the two are fired together or the clay is fired, to become bisque; then decorated and fired again. In the following two section two different ways of casting are very well explained; Read more about: Casting –A Fish / Casting – Dragon

b) Slip decorating. As there are different colored clays, the main ones used are red and white and slip colors are watered down clay, mixed with products to form the colors and textures you require. When the clay you are using is dry, it is decorated with slips colors which should be prepared with the same type of clay as the piece being decorated. Different method can be used spraying, pouring, brushing, spotting, trailing, dipping and sgraffito. Work formed in clay and decorated with slips, are always fired together. Read more about: Slip decorating

c) Slip-slurry, This is used as a glue to join pieces of dry clay that are broken and to attach parts such as handles and knobs that have to be leather hard before being joined. Read more about: Clam