Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

DECORATION - Pottery methods.

ca: DECORACIÓ - Mètodes de ceràmica.

es: DECORACIÓN – Métodos de cerámica.

Decoration in pottery is the enhancement of pieces in many different ways and at different stages of their development.

Decorating Bisque: which is clay that has been fired, can be done in the following three ways and each one has different types and methods of applying the products used, pouring, spraying, dipping, etc.

In-glaze: The bisque is covered it with and opaque glaze-base, then it is decorated with colors that are mixed with a transparent glaze and they are fired together at 980º C. Read more about: In-glaze

On-glaze: is to paint over a fired glaze adding designs and colors; screen printing and transfers can be used. The work must be fired three times, bisque, glaze-base and decoration. Read more about: On-Glaze

Underglaze; is when pottery colors are applied directly on to bisque. The colors can be prepared with a transparent glaze or be separate and covered with transparent glaze before firing. Read more about: Underglaze / Dry-Cord

Decorating Clay: is in two sections and they can be used separately or together.
Forming a design with the clay: the clay can have textures indented, pieces of clay applied, different colored clays intermixed or to form patterns.
Read more about: Sprigging / Piercing / Impressing / Incising / Agateware or Lamination
Applying colors to clay: Slip colors can be applied in different ways.
Read more about:Trailing / Burnishing / Sgraffito / Spraying / Dipping

NOTE: To make clay no-absorbent to water, when the decorating is finished it must be covered with a glaze and fired.