Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MAJOLICA: 4b - Glaze textures and accentuated outlines.

ca: MAJÒLICA: 4b - Textures d'esmalt base i contorns accentuats.

es: MAYÓLICA: 4b - Texturas de esmalte base y contornos acentuados.

Two of the five different names designed for the outside entrances of a group of apartment buildings, to make each one distinguishable from the road. The glaze-base has a texture formed by throwing a fine coat of glaze-base over the tiles and then a thick glaze is spattered on top. The border lines are part of the tiles. To accentuate the outlines, which form the perimeter of the letters and the main object, the glaze-base was scraped off leaving an indent of 1cm wide showing the bisque, which was then painted with black, the rest was painted following the Majolica Method.


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